Outdoor Learning Group

Meeting: 30/11/2017 1.00pm – 3.15pm

Venue: Caister Infant School

Colleagues from schools involved in the School to School Improvement group met to discuss outdoor learning provision. As a group of schools we agree that outdoor learning isn’t a subject or topic; it is a way of teaching. Our school grounds, local spaces and communities can be used daily to enhance teaching and learning right across the curriculum and it brings a wide range of associated benefits to children’s social and emotional skills and to their health and well-being.

Current outdoor learning provision in each setting was discussed and colleagues identified what was working well. The group also discussed barriers to outdoor learning provision and possible solutions to these.

The group toured Caister Infant School and the school grounds. We looked at the Foundation Stage outdoor areas, the pond area and the Forest Schools area. A selection of Forest School and English based activities were planned for teachers to both observe and take part in. Due to extreme weather and the Forest School lead being absent, these activities have been included in the agenda for the next meeting which will also see the group consider approaches to removing barriers to outdoor learning and provide an opportunity for colleagues to share new outdoor learning activities which have been successful in their settings.